The 2021 Masterclasses took place on 3 Saturdays:

2nd October at the University of Liverpool Maths School

6th November at Liverpool Hope University

4th December 2021 at the University of Liverpool

We reached our maximum capacity on 20th September 2021 and a decision was made to release one of the activities online – see below.

For future reference only, you can click HERE to see the application procedure

For those pupils who will be disappointed not to receive places at the face-to-face masterclasses this year, we are now planning to release Masterclass material via this webpage, as we did last year.

The expectation is that this material can be downloaded for use in school or at home, and some answers can be submitted to MEM for marking (optional).

Fibonacci Everywhere Masterclass

Click HERE (after 2nd October) to download the booklet (17 page pdf).

Click HERE to submit your answers to the red exercises (optional) on a Google Form. Your work will be marked by MEM and the results will be sent back to you. Good luck!

2021 was our 31st Year of MEM Masterclasses!

Teachers may nominate up to four pupils they think will benefit from the activities, and the pupils should be in Year 8 or 9 during 2022/23.

What are the MEM Masterclasses?

The Masterclasses materials provide an excellent opportunity for able and enthusiastic pupils to explore a range of mathematical ideas. Topics covered are very varied, including fractals, logo and turtle graphics, origami, codes and ciphers, probability games, number magic, mathematicians, mechanics and juggling.

The 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2021 series of MEM Masterclasses were visited by a colleague from the Royal Institution who spent the day with us. Our activities were mentioned in the Royal Institution Spring 2013 Newsletter which you can view here