MEM Masterclasses 2020 – This will be our 30th Year!

Because of the impact of COVID-19, MEM has reluctantly cancelled the usual programme of Saturday Masterclasses which would have been hosted by the universities and schools in Liverpool and Wirral.

Instead, some Masterclass material has been adapted and is released to Y8 and Y9 pupils via this webpage. This adapted Masterclass material can be studied by pupils at home, and answers to exercises can be submitted to MEM for marking via a Google Form during a two-week period (see below).

From 19th October, click HERE to download the ‘Fibonacci Everywhere’ materials (17 page pdf).

Before 2nd November, click HERE to submit your Google Form answers to ‘Fibonacci Everywhere’

The 2020 dates are expected to be:

19th October to 1st November – Fibonacci Everywhere
2nd November to 15th November – Masterclass 2 tbc.
16th November to 29th November – Masterclass 3 tbc

Teachers may nominate as many pupils as they think will benefit from the activities, and the pupils should be in Year 8 or 9 during 2020/21. There is no charge for these masterclass materials which should be printed at school and distributed to the pupils taking part. The booklets contain many exercises, and while some of these exercises have answers provided within the booklets, other answers can be submitted to MEM for marking using a Google Form. Certificates will be made available for printing at school, to be awarded to the pupils taking part.

What are the MEM Masterclasses?

The Masterclasses materials provide an excellent opportunity for able and enthusiastic pupils to explore a range of mathematical ideas. Topics covered are very varied, including fractals, logo and turtle graphics, origami, codes and ciphers, probability games, number magic, mathematicians, mechanics and juggling.

The 2012, 2015 and 2018 series of MEM Masterclasses were visited by a colleague from the Royal Institution who spent the day with us. Our activities were mentioned in the Royal Institution Spring 2013 Newsletter which you can view here